The PS&S Ecological Services team provides exceptional expertise in fields of natural resource consulting, natural restoration, and ecological risk assessments. 

Our staff of environmental scientists offers a wide variety of ecological services, including wetlands and critical area delineations, threatened and endangered species evaluations, habitat assessments, invasive species investigations, botanical inventories and tree survey’s, and permit compliance and long term compliance monitoring.  Recent projects have included the vegetative enhancement of streamside riparian areas and the protection of environmentally sensitive areas within active and proposed utility corridors. 

The Ecological services we provide help clients minimize environmental impacts while maximizing benefit to the project at hand. 

PS&S’s Planning and Permitting staff helps energy utility clients efficiently manage regulatory risk and proceed with confidence when planning utility upgrades, new energy generation and transmission projects.

Over the past five decades, PS&S has provided site assessments and regulatory permitting services for hundreds of energy projects ranging from placement of a single utility pole in a flood hazard riparian zone, to billion dollar transmission corridor upgrades that require dozens of separate permits across numerous jurisdictions and agencies.

PS&S understands that regulatory permitting can be the biggest risk to the project schedule, which is why our energy clients involve us as early as possible to scope out the entirety of the regulatory framework, and define tasks to completely address every required step.  We often manage the total application process on our client’s behalf including review of plans and construction permit submittals prepared by other engineering and consulting firms.


A sampling of Ecological and Permitting projects follows: