Complete UAV (Drone) and 3D Laser Scanning Services for Surveying, Mapping and GIS

Our UAV and Laser Scanning Team employ high performance drones and laser scanners in conjunction with advanced sensors and software to deliver accurate geospatial mapping and modeling solutions.

These mapping and modeling services are ideally suited for the reconnaissance of potential development properties, linear utility corridor assignments, existing campus and building assessments, construction site monitoring, and forensic and disaster evaluation.

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Four Major Reasons to Use Our UAV and Laser Scanning Team:

  1. Geospatial mapping with drones and laser scanners provides quick and efficient field time savings.

  2. Drones and laser scanners facilitates geospatial mapping in areas that are difficult or dangerous to access with conventional methods.

  3. Data reconnaissance with drones and laser scanners provides improved coverage over conventional methods which minimizes and often eliminates the need for supplemental field work.

  4. The geospatial mapping from drones and laser scanners afford a design/assessment ready product for site engineering/building architectural design or assessment.

UAV and Laser Scanning Services:

  • Site Assessment/Site Reconnaissance:
    • Building areas, building elevation views, building roof evaluations
    • Pavement areas, pavement condition assessment, parking stall counts
    • Ground topography
    • Riverine modeling
    • Construction progress monitoring
    • Tree counts
  • Construction Phase Services:
    • Construction progress monitoring
    • Earthwork quantities
    • SWPP plan compliance
    • Pile counts
  • Disaster Condition Assessment:
    • Major flood events
    • Shoreline erosion
    • Hurricane/wind damage assessment
  • Linear Infrastructure Services:
    • Pipe or OH conductor routing assessments
    • Utility route forestry management plans
    • Lattice tower/monopole assessments
    • Sub-station modeling
  • DJI Phantom 4 Pro 20 mp camera and 4K video
    • With GPS RTK ground control, spatial accuracy of 1-3 cm horizontally and 3-5 cm vertically
    • Takes only minutes to complete a site survey
  • Leica Scanstation C10 time of flight laser scanner
    • Laser scanning range of 2m-300m, maintaining spatial accuracy of +/-6mm
    • Spatial data capture at a rate of 50,000 pts/sec
  • Trained professionals in capturing, processing and modeling of 3D spatial data
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UAV and 3D Laser Scanning Applications

  • Site Civil Engineering
    • Roadway and rail base surveys and topography
    • Site topography and site features
    • Tree locations and counts
    • Waterway topography to facilitate hydraulic modeling
    • Sufficient data for shading models
    • Base mapping for Planning Board/Public Outreach presentations
  • Utilities
    • Utility route forestry management plans.
    • Lattice tower/monopole modeling
    • Sub-Station modeling
    • Utility corridor/right-of-way topographic mapping
  • Building & Heritage
    • Detailed 3D building models
    • Building roof reconnaissance
    • Façade and ground views
    • Full color visualization
    • Shading models
  • Industrial & Campus Applications
    • Accurate “As-Builts”
    • Pavement and pavement marking evaluations
    • Tree and vegetation assessments
    • Mapping of above ground piping, conduits and conductors
  • Construction
    • Construction progress monitoring
    • Earthwork evaluations
    • SWPP Compliance documentation
  • Forensic Engineering
    • Disaster condition assessment
    • Documentation of major flood events
    • Evaluation of shoreline/riverine erosion
    • Evaluation of building/structural impairments

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Why Choose PS&S for UAV and 3D Laser Scanning?

Our UAV and 3D Laser Scanner Team includes Licensed Land Surveyors, FAA Certified drone pilots, and GIS Specialists that work with all of the PS&S disciplines to deliver cost efficient, technically competent geospatial mapping products. The Team works closely with our clients to understand design and assessment goals and objectives to develop strategies that best meet those goals and objectives.


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