PS&S Presenting at World Energy Engineering Congress


September 8, 2015 – PS&S‘s Helene Ferm and Rich Schwalm will present at the World Energy Engineering Congress (WEEC) in Orlando, Florida on Thursday October 1, 2015.  They will present the topic, “Energy Conservation Successes at Pharmaceutical Sites,” which was selected to be part of the Industrial Energy Management Track. Ms. Ferm and Mr. Schwalm lead energy services work in the PS&S Building Group.  PS&S energy services experience includes energy assessments, engineering studies, central utilities optimization and master planning for clients in the pharmaceutical industry and across other client sectors.

The presentation will share case studies of energy conservation successes covering the project’s entire life cycle from concept to implementation.  The case studies include examples from ventilation optimization, fume hood management, chiller control optimization, and studies of on-site cogeneration.  Both PS&S presenters are licensed Professional Engineers, Certified Energy Managers and LEED Accredited Professionals.

Ms. Ferm has more than 25 years of leadership and engineering experience in energy conservation, corporate energy management and water conservation. Having joined PS&S in 2012, Helene has expertise in identifying and implementing energy conservation opportunities in buildings and utility systems, especially in pharmaceutical laboratories and manufacturing plants. Energy conservation was the focus of Helene’s prior positions as well as her academic training.  As a Senior Energy Analyst at Merck, she provided leadership to the company’s Energy Program.  She earned a B.S.E in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Princeton University, followed by a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Additionally, her academic travels took her to Germany as a Fulbright Scholar at the Technical University Berlin. 

Mr. Schwalm has more than 28 years of experience providing energy efficient HVAC system design, energy audits, HVAC controls and project management.   His diverse background includes pharmaceutical facilities, high rise office buildings, data centers, campus utilities, schools and tunnels.  Considered by clients as a subject matter expert in chiller plant design and optimization, he has led the design of new chiller plants and has designed and managed many chiller plant optimization projects.  Rich joined PS&S in 2010 and has provided energy audit and analysis services at more than 11 sites in the United States and Europe, totaling over 5 million square feet for major pharmaceutical clients with a focus on their main central utility systems.  Also, he has implemented ventilation optimization in pharmaceutical manufacturing and lab facilities. Rich has a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from SUNY Utica.

About World Energy Engineering Congress (WEEC)

WEEC is an annual gathering of energy management professional and is sponsored by the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE).  Now in its 38th year, the WEEC is well-recognized as the most important energy event of national and international scope for end users and energy professionals in all areas of the energy field.  The WEEC features a large, multi-track conference agenda, a full line-up of seminars on a variety of current topics, and a comprehensive exposition of the market’s most promising new technologies. 

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