PS&S Employees Mentor in Yonkers

PS&S Yonkers ACE.jpg

Two PS&S Yonkers-based architects spent the 2017-2018 school year mentoring a group of Yonkers High School students, volunteering their time by participating in the ACE Mentor Program.

Leonardo Afanador and Michael Calvi worked with ACE, a national program for high school students who are interested in Architecture, Construction, and Engineering. The ACE Mentor Program looks for mentors who are practicing professionals in their respective fields to share their professional experience and expertise with high school students.

In addition to working in Yonkers, both Leonardo and Michael are Yonkers residents who believe in giving back to their community. Michael, who also grew up in Yonkers, participated in ACE as a high school student, and the program was instrumental in his becoming an architect. Leonardo was born in Colombia and came to the United States at the age of nine. He agreed to mentor to help introduce minority students to potential professional opportunities they may not have considered otherwise.

The PS&S professionals worked with the students on a project where they took a former industrial building and turned it into a sports complex and theater space for the community.