Summer 2019 Newsletter



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At PS&S, we remain committed to supporting our most valuable asset—our employees—by creating an environment that fosters career development and personal satisfaction of a job well done. We are particularly pleased to shine the spotlight in this newsletter on employees who have worked at our company for more than 30 years. When working on multi-faceted projects our clients know they can count on our experience to provide best in class service. These six individuals have dedicated their careers to helping PS&S prosper and we look forward to helping all employees develop new skills and advance their careers.

We also highlight our employees who demonstrate our core values and are recipients of the Paulus, Sokolowski, and Sartor Awards. We want to thank all our employees and look forward to servicing our clients professionally while maintaining a collaborative environment that continues to allow our employees to thrive and excel.

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FOCUS ON: Work Anniversaries of 30 Years and More

We are happy to announce the work anniversaries of the following individuals who have been part of PS&S for more than 30 years.

35th Year Anniversary

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Michael Cohen, PE
Senior Vice President

How have you seen PS&S evolve and what was your most rewarding project?

When I got to PS&S in 1983, we were 75 people offering several services in one building in Warren. During my career we have been involved in so many groundbreaking and signature projects like The Taj Mahal, Harrah’s and Borgata in Atlantic City, Port Imperial on the Hudson River, and the Red Bull Stadium in Harrison. Having spent many years working with Hudson County and their Improvement Authority on the design and construction of the Skyway Golf Course in Jersey City is certainly among the top of my accomplishments. It was a thrill to help the County close their old landfill and in the process create the first and only public golf course in the county. Since opening three years ago and it has received rave reviews from the golf community as well as the public in general for its environmentally sensitive and beautiful features within its urban setting.  

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Ellen Deskins

How have you seen PS&S evolve to meet the growing demands of its clients over the course of your career?

When I started the staff was fewer than 100 employees. A rapid growth in the business brought about more expertise and advanced technical staff who have been able to push the company forward. My words of wisdom to colleagues is, be open to learn from others and know that everyone’s opinion is valued.

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Mike Rakowsky

What do you hope to see for the future of PS&S?

Over the last 35 years here at PS&S, my job has always been unique because of the various responsibilities I perform. I’m glad to have known and developed relationships with so many wonderful people in this great company. My vision for the future of PS&S is to see more expansion throughout and growth from within.

30th Year Anniversary

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Sanjay Patel, PE
Vice President

What is your most memorable challenge or project at PS&S?

PS&S has diversified efficiently to provide specialty professional services to major public and private clients such as energy and utilities, remediation and redevelopment, etc. My most memorable project at PS&S is “Gas and Odor Control at Fresh Kills Landfill”, Staten Island New York. This was a challenging project involving design and construction of a system to collect and manage the methane gas generated from the largest landfill (250+ acres) in the United States. The scope and scale of the project was unprecedented at the time. The project made a major positive impact on the environment and quality of the surrounding community. It was rewarding for the Company and has stood test of the time over the past 18 years.

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James Wancho, PE
Vice President

What are some of the driving factors behind your tenure at PS&S?

PS&S has added many new service offerings over the years to meet the needs of our clients and to remain relevant in an ever-changing industry. In fact, the addition of Water Resources as a service offering brought me to the company 30 years ago. One of the benefits of working at PS&S has been the opportunity to work on many important and challenging projects for scores of great clients. PS&S was founded on strong values and as we grow into new locations with new service offerings, I am confident we will continue to foster the long-term careers of so many employees like myself.

FOCUS ON: Paulus, Sokolowski, & Sartor Awards

Congratulations to all of our outstanding award winners whom we recognize for their management, technical, and business development excellence.

We are privileged to work with so many of you who are truly committed to our clients and the services we provide.

The Paulus Badge: Management Excellence (P)
Recognition for effective communication, care, and management of our company's resources to deliver great and timely results

The Sokolowski Badge: Technical Excellence (S)
Recognition for demonstrating and furthering the technical prowess that we expect of ourselves and that our clients demand

The Sartor Badge: Business Development Excellence (&S)
Recognition for helping to generate a dependable revenue source for our company and to enhance our brand in the marketplace

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The six winners are:

  • Mark Allen

  • Marissa Magura

  • Nicole Muth

  • Kyle Rutherford

  • Jason Schooling

  • Nevien Valenzuela