Spring 2016 Newsletter

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Spring 2016 Newsletter


For 54 years, PS&S has succeeded by staying true to the core values instilled by the company’s founders: dedication to our clients, excellence in our work and commitment to our employees. As we look forward, there is excitement within our company that the values established in 1962 are not only thriving, but will continue to guide us for the next 54 years and beyond.

From Anthony Sartor & John Sartor

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We have focused before in these newsletters on our many successful and high-profile projects, showing the depth and strength of PS&S’s single source offering for planning, design and regulatory compliance services. Our core values of client dedication and work excellence have often been focal points. This month we are focusing on our third core value: our commitment to our employees.

PS&S has more than 275 professionals in seven locations offering multi-disciplined, full-service architecture, engineering, design and environmental consulting services, and our commitment to offering our people the best workplace has never been stronger. This year, we are creating new programs for current employees and systems designed to recruit the best for our future growth.

The program we are highlighting in this newsletter is our Young Professionals Group, headed by Senior Vice President of Human Resources Jamie McDonald. The group is barely a few months old, but has already created a buzz throughout the company with its energy and commitment to fostering comradery and communication across the disciplines and age groups.

We recognize our commitment to our people is a huge part of being successful. We are also dedicated to hiring people who understand what commitment is. PS&S has come through the recent financially challenging period stronger than ever, and there is a recommitment to creating an environment where employees want to be and can be at the top of their game. In short, PS&S is planning for both the company’s future and the future of our employees.

For more information, please contact Anthony Sartor at asartor@psands.com, or John Sartor at jsartor@psands.com.

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Spotlight on the PS&S Young Professionals Group

Spotlight on the PS&S Young Professionals Group

PS&S has more than 275 employees working in many different disciplines on dozens of projects in seven offices. Senior Vice President of Human Resources Jamie McDonald knew that as the company grew and hired more people, it would be a challenge connecting all the PS&S professionals, especially the new employees with the PS&S veterans. Then he had an idea.

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“We really felt we needed to create an initiative,” said McDonald. “Our goal was to start a group that would allow the many talented professionals we have hired an outlet for continued professional growth, greater inter-departmental and regional office social activities as well as community outreach opportunities. I believe the creation of the PS&S Young Professionals Group will help accomplish that.”

The core of the group is comprised of eight employees – four from the land group and four from the building group. They are:

    Building Group:

  • Kyle Berninger - MEPF
  • Leonardo Afanador – Architecture
  • Brian Fernandes - MEPF
  • Greg Ranft - Structural

    Land Group:

  • Brian Liebeskind - Civil
  • Kristin Baltadonis - Environmental
  • Rita Exposito - Environmental
  • Fred Mundt - Civil

Brian Liebeskind and Kyle Berninger are the co-chairs of the group and have much in common. Both men grew up in New Jersey, both have been with PS&S since 2013 and both have an intense desire to make PS&S the best workplace it can be.

“We want to know there’s a long-term vision of knowing there’s a future for young professionals,” said Liebeskind. “This group reinforces that notion.”

The first order of business for the group was to develop a mission statement which was written and sent to the entire company:

“The mission of the PS&S Young Professionals Group is to provide a forum for career-oriented individuals to develop their professional skills, communicate ideas and goals effectively with management, and encourage interdisciplinary social interaction in order to foster an environment of community and positivity within PS&S.”

“Our goal is to develop a more interactive and socially-friendly work environment,” said Berninger. “We want to create ways for more collaboration between all of PS&S’s professionals. We made sure that everyone is welcome in this group.”

So far, the group has several ideas in the works including creating PS&S sports teams and sponsoring events like the Jersey City 5K run just completed in April. A happy hour meet & greet to kick off the group is also planned for the summer.

One accomplishment Brian would like to see the group achieve is to improve relationships with area colleges and universities.

“Anything we can do to bolster the PS&S name with prospective job candidates is important, said Liebeskind. “We’re competing for the best area talent. We want PS&S to be a company graduates seek out when looking for their first job.”

Just a few months old, the Group is already on its way to fulfilling Jamie McDonald’s goal.

“With the amount of interest already being displayed by the many employees wanting to participate and contribute, I anticipate the mission they have created will be a complete success, said McDonald. “They will have the support of the entire PS&S management team to do so. Our employees are our greatest resource and we continue to be committed to creating the best workplace environment for them that we can.”

For more information, contact Jamie McDonald at jmcdonald@psands.com.

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