Matt Tomaso Attends Society for American Archaeology Annual Conference


PS&S Senior Associate and Director of Cultural Resources, Matt Tomaso attended the 84th Society for American Archaeology Annual Meeting in Albuquerque, NM from April 10th-14th.

Matt took part in the Collaborative and Community-Based Archaeology Symposium on Thursday morning with his paper entitled “Archaeology and the Historical Construction of Community at Feltville/Glenside Park.”

It is an anthropological piece that discusses how the last few decades of scholarly and avocational historical and archaeological research at the National Register District of Feltville/Glenside Park has helped to establish a sense of community among the descendants of people who lived and worked there and are now scattered across the globe, as well as an appreciation of the district’s vital role as part of the Union County Park system in recreation, county-sponsored events and the commemoration of local history. Matt has worked with the district since 1997 and PS&S was recently involved in a Historic Barn Renovation.